How to Keep Friends Forever?

Answer Do you have a best friend? If you don't, this article will teach you how to get one and keep one.

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How to Be Friends Forever with Your Best Friend?

You may be popular. You may be a loser. But you have friends. But more importantly, you have a best friend. But there are times when you want to rip her/his head off but besides that he/she is the ... Read More »

Facebook is there a way to keep this man off of my best friends list forever?

Agreed, just have to block him. I did that with one of my old friends because they were being a pain.

Are the Forever Liberty Bell stamps really forever?

The Forever Liberty Bell stamp was first issued in 2007 and has no denomination. According to the U.S. Postal Service, the stamp will always be valid for first-class postage that weighs 1 ounce or ... Read More »

Can you move to another state if a child you have guardianship of lives with friends and the friends have temp custody?

Answer Yes you can but how will you be able to moniter the child from another state. I know guardianship means a person legally in charge of the affairs of a minor or a person of unsound mind. Cus... Read More »