Is it safe to bend over a lot if I'm pregnate?

Answer You can bend me over any time you'd like Sir Pimpy.

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How to Do a Back Bend Kick Over Using a Chair?

Here is how to perform a back bend kick over using a chair.

What does it means when a baby stands up bend over and look between her legs?

It means that the baby is playing and trying to look at u differently as it is bored of you

Is it true that the man formerly known as prince had a rib removed so he could bend over to suck his flute?

Yes, I'm with you Mr heights. Have you noticed how Prince's face is also getting larger. It's all down to surgery in order for him to gain easier access to his Right Honourable Member.Marilyn Manso... Read More »

I have head pain in my forehead region when I cough, sneeze or bend over, hurts bad....?

Sudafed 12 hr. Generic works just as well. If that doesn't make the pressure let up, the pain gets worse in the face area or you get a fever, see your Dr. It could be a sinus infection. Been there ... Read More »