What time do you usually go to sleep?

Answer Well about 12 a.m. or 1 a.m.

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What time do you like to go to sleep?

9:00 like to get up at 6:00 and drink some coffee, take a jog, eat breakfast, and go to work! =D

What time should I sleep?

Don't mind the time,just try to get enough hours of sleep.

I sleep all the time....What is wrong with me?

I work at a sleep lab and hear this kind of thing all the time.You should see a sleep physician. There are several possibilites why you are suffering from excessive daytime fatigue. Some of the m... Read More »

No matter what time i go to bed i cant sleep in?

Generally best to avoid stress, anxiety and negative thinking. Also don't watch the clock! Good luck! See today's BBC news also for some good tips:"Our warmest summer nights can be a bit of a doub... Read More »