How to Become a Good Liar?

Answer Lying is bad, we all know it and it makes us feel guilty. But sometimes it is for the best, like when you want to give someone a surprise birthday party, or if you fancy someone and you don't want ... Read More »

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How to Prove to Someone That You Are Not a Liar?

This is something that often causes problems. Sometimes, you are telling the truth, and people don't believe you, and think you are lying. Read on, for suggestions on this.

How to Play Liar?

Liar is a fun game you can play with a friend. It is fairly simply to play too. Here's how to play:

How to Detect a Liar?

There have been many television show sprouting up, based around how to tell if someone is lying. Here are a number of ways to detect a liar.

How to Deal With a Liar?

Liars. So difficult to deal with, yet so easy! This article will teach you some tips on how to deal with liars, and possibly how to make them crack.When dealing with truth, liars, and the suppressi... Read More »