Can I use my husbands GI Bill, so I can go back to school He is still alive and will not use it!?

Answer No, you cannot. VA education benefits are for the veteran and, if he is disabled, his dependent children.

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My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive. He is alive in her stomach now. Should she vomit him?

Take my advice, beware of your girlfriend.

Will I confuse my infant if I speak in English& Spanish?

On One Hand: No Confusion if You Are FluentReadiness for learning languages starts at about 10 months. The best scenario for teaching an infant both English and Spanish without confusion would be i... Read More »

Will ESPN and star sports in the Indian sub continent telecast spanish league?

Why was spike brought back in s1 of angel when in Buffy he was still alive until season 7 i was told that angel season 1 was around about Buffy season 4 so he is in season 4 of Buffy alive?

Spike made an appearance in season 1 of Angel, attempting to obtain a magical artifact that would make him invulnerable; this story line is a crossover from Buffy season 4 where Spike is very much ... Read More »