What is that song off avatar even if your love is lost you'll find the missing love inside your heart?

Answer i think it its bert

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How do i get that little love heart next to my text?

♥& hearts ; (no spaces)you can also make alot of shapes by pressing ALT and 3 numbers, but I don't know about hearts.â•š is ALT 456§ is ALT 789â–ˆ is ALT 987Æ’ is ALT 159╪ is ALT 728♫ is AL... Read More »

Why should i open my heart 2 LOVE again!!!!?

Listen, I think I'm a LOT older than you. I've done this many times. You do it because EVERY time you fall in love, you take a chance. EVERY time you have an intimate relationship, you bare your ... Read More »

Does feeling of love comes from brain or heart?

hello friend, just to tell you that each and every part of the body is under the control of BRAIN. Even brain controls itself :). Each and every feeling, emotion first gets generated in brain and t... Read More »

How does your heart responds to a love gestureYou know what I mean?

scientifically:the heart rate increase due to sympathatic stimulation.emotionally:my heart feel a great and strange feeling of happiness,timless,pleasure,desire...ev… that people feel when they l... Read More »