Is gaelic a language?

Answer Gaelic is a language spoken in rural Scotland. It is spoken by 66,780 people worldwide, with 58,700 of those in Scotland. Gaelic is a Celtic language closely related to Irish and Welsh. Occasionall... Read More »

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What is Gaelic?

Though the name Gaelic is often used to describe Scottish Gaelic specifically, Gaelic is also the name for the group of languages found in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland.ClassificationPart o... Read More »

The Origins of the Gaelic Languauge?

Gaelic refers to the Celtic languages of Ireland and Scotland, usually called Irish and Scots Gaelic respectively. Although the two languages are related, they are not mutually comprehensible. Neve... Read More »

How to Cast a Circle in Gaelic?

Paganism encompasses Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism and Neo-pagan. Each denomination uses a sacred circle, also known as temple. Depending on the belief, the casting tools include incense, candles, sw... Read More »

How to Count to 10 in Scottish Gaelic?

The Celtic language group is a division of the Indo-European language family. Today, within this group are two sub-divisions: Gaelic and British. Scottish Gaelic falls into the Gaelic sub-division,... Read More »