How do you save videos from the internet to the computer not an internet page?

Answer If it is a YouTube video, there are many sites that specialize in that (like Otherwise look in your Temporary Internet Files directory and sort contents by largest file size to easil... Read More »

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How can i save the page in internet as it is?

How can i copy videos from youtube and save it on my computer?

For any kind of Videos there's : download videos from YouTube and any other site :Get Firefox from http... Read More »

How do i get my printer to print a page from the internet as...?

Are you sure there is not a "Print Statement" somewhere on the page? I would have thought it very unusual for it not to have one. The reason I say this is because there is one on all my accounts an... Read More »

How do I get internet connection on my reformatted computer I already have a router and internet service?

Did you have wireless internet prior to reformatting your computer? If so you should be able to reconnect by clicking the Internet Access button in the Task Bar (The bar at the bottom that the star... Read More »