How do you satisfy a minor girl if she wants sex?

Answer You do not. I repeat, you do not. Any sexual contact (kissing, manual stimulation, sex, oral sex) with a minor is illegal, and you WILL be charged with rape, child molestation, sexual assault on a... Read More »

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How to Go from "Minor Niner" to a Popular Girl?

The term "minor niner" is borrowed from the popular Canadian television series Degrassi the Next Generation, aimed at teenagers. A minor niner is a kid in the 9th grade(in most schools in North Ame... Read More »

Do I have a minor concussion an what will happen to the girl who punched me?

You probably have a minor concussion. Just relax and lay down. Don't run around or anything. Take it easy and for the Pain take an aspirin, not an ibuprofen.

In Pennsylvania will the male go to jail if he gets a minor pregnant but the parents of the girl do not press charges?

Answer no but it depens alllll on the girl or the sitution

If a minor has an illegitimate child by an adult male and the girl wants to give it up for adoption but the father wants to take care of it by himself who makes the decision?

Answer He can go to court and let the courts decide. You will also have your say in this matter. The courts may well decide that neither of you are able to look after the child and the child wil... Read More »