How do you run Linux and Windows XP on the same computer with one hard drive?

Answer You have to dual boot them.All Linux distributions come with a boot-loader (mostly GRUB or GRUB2), mostly it will auto-detect all your OS's (XP and MEPIS). When you boot your computer, the boot-loa... Read More »

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How do I move Windows XP apps from an external hard drive to a new Windows Vista computer?

Uninstall the applications from the Control Panel in Windows XP if they are installed; most programs are licensed to install on one computer at a time. Check the program’s webpage to see if it is... Read More »

My windows xp sp2 home computer does not recognize my usb external hard drive but it accepts my digital camera and usb printer while the drive works great on both my friends and my work PC?

Answer pls check ur external h.d.d is usb2. so find out whether usb of both should be 2.

I want to add a second hard drive to a computer but it already has windows installed on it?

IDE and SATA are not interchangeable. There aren't even adapters, you cannot run a second hard drive with a different port. And you would have to wipe the other hard drive before you could install ... Read More »

If I transfer my hard drive to a new computer will I need to get a new copy of Windows?

No, your copy of Windows 7 is tied down to the hard drive.DISREGARD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MAJOR EDIT: My bad, I didn't read your question properly. Yes, you will have to get a new copy of w... Read More »