How do you ruin the film in your disposable camera?

Answer Cut it up with some scissors.

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How do i develop disposable camera film?

Disposable CamerasRewind the camera and make sure all the film is in the canister. Flip the camera over, take a flat head screwdriver and insert it into the small tab. Pull the tab up and flip open... Read More »

How can i develop a disposable camera film at home?

I'd only consider it if it was black and white - even then it'll be more of a problem than it's worth I reckon, as you'll need to look up the appropriate chemicals and processing times for that par... Read More »

Does exposing the film in a camera ruin the pictures?

OMG do people still have cameras with film????LOL

How long does the film in a disposable camera last?

The film in a disposable camera is good for one year. There is normally an expatriation date on the disposable camera. It is best to use the film and develop it before the expiration date.Reference... Read More »