How do you reverse quickpwn on your iPhone?

Answer here in the Philippines it'll cost u around 15k to buy an Iphone 2g , but its 2nd hand already.

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Does Quickpwn 2.1 unlock& activate a phone?

Quickpwn 2.1 is a software program released in 2008 to unlock and activate first-generation iPhone (2G) devices and first-generation iPod Touch devices. Quickpwn 2.1 also can jailbreak but not unlo... Read More »

How to Reverse an iPhone 3.1.3 to 3.1.2?

When a new software update is available for your iPhone, it can be easily installed with one click in iTunes. Many times users decide they do not want this newer software update and wish to revert ... Read More »

How do you reverse a sync in your iPhone?

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