How do you retrive lost photos on iphone 4 no backup files?

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What do you use to backup your files, photos and music If you don't backup your files, what are your reasons?

I back them up frequently on CD. I also keep a second copy on a laptop or on the computers in the office. With enough current copies your data can usually be restored. Any family photos are also on... Read More »

How do you get to SMS backup files on iPhone 4?

They are very good phones but xperia arc is better than iphone 4 for a little!! --------Arc is better but iPhone 4 is still the best when it comes to OS & Display. Check the sources below

Can you retrieve lost photos on an iPhone 4?

The easiest way to do that would be to restore from a previous backup, provided that your last backup had those pictures. If you choose to restore from backup, then the pictures that you have taken... Read More »

How do i perform a "system restore" on my PC To retrive lost data?

System Restore will not get that data back. You will need specialized software to retrieve it and even then you may not get it back.