How do you restart your computer?

Answer restart? reboot? reinstall? which option are you trying to take? what do you mean losing all of its memory?restart or reboot usually means to shut it off and turn it back on, which can be done by c... Read More »

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How to Restart Your Computer?

Restarting your computer is easy!

What would make your computer restart it self when in use.?

As above mentioned over heating, but another cause could be you just need to open the case use a can of air to blow out the dust if it has lots of dust, then re seat your cards, and memory, sometim... Read More »

When you're finished using your computer is it best to log off, shut down, restart or just walk away?

Contrary to one of the previous answers, computers do not "need sleep." They are electronic machines and don't require being turned off in order to work well. Think - how does Yahoo Answers stay ... Read More »

I use my TV as my computer monitor and sometimes it requires me to restart me computer. Why is this?

change the power settings of your computergo to start then typed in the search bar: Power options then change plan settings set "turn off display" and put "computer to sleep" to never. good luck