How do you restart an iPhone that has an error?

Answer Judging by physical differences...iPhone 2g - rounded edges, black bottom part on back of itiPhone 3g - rouded edges, thinner than 2g and all one color on backiPhone 3gs - like 3g except has chrome... Read More »

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How do you repair canon camera lens error restart?

Would not recommend opening the camera as the chances are much greater for you causing greater damage. BUT would instead recommend that you try the seven sequential repair step outlined for a lens ... Read More »

Hang Error Messages When Trying to Restart or Shut Down PC Programs?

Microsoft Windows XP has a known bug known as a "hang" error. While shutting down or restarting the Windows operating system, the system will stop responding. Microsoft is aware of the bug and has ... Read More »

When I turn on my canon G10 it always appears lens error message and restart camera?

Well... The one thing to consider is a lens error. Without much to work on your only choice really is to bring it to Canon's service center.

I have a canon digital IXUS 970 IS. Whenever i turn it on, the screen displays "lens error. restart camera." ?

You should be able to take it back to where you purchased it and they send it off for repair.This is a very common problem with Canons