How do you respectfully tell your Grandma it is time to live in a nursing home?

Answer I really feel for you, this is a very hard thing to go through. My family went through the same experience last year with my grandmother. My grandmother had cancer and it basically debilated her.... Read More »

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Can i live with my other grandma if the grandma i live with that has temporary custody of me does not let me?

How do you tell that your grandma doesn't like you?

Give her a chance! She's really old, I'm almost more than sure she loves you but has a tough old fashioned way of showing it, it's also possible that she feels a bit odd about the modern world etc ... Read More »

One day my dad will have to live in a nursing home?

No, neither Medicare nor Tricare will pay for custodial care. The VA will in some cases but generally only in their own facilities.Medicaid, which is the state welfare system, will pay for custodia... Read More »

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