How do you reset screen lock code on iphone 4?

Answer I have a iPod and I am on it now... And for me you go to the settings and then go to general and click pass-code lock click it and type in your code... And then click turn off pass code then it is ... Read More »

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How do you reset sim lock code on the iPhone 4S?

16 Gb is 16 000 Mb, witch is 16 000 000 kb.1 minute of music is about 700 kb, depending on the quality of the music. A music file most of the times includes the kbps, wich means kb per second. kpbs... Read More »

How do reset the lock code for an Ipod without the original lock code?

you reset settings in settings section in the i pod If you forgot the code:(Note: I did this in Linux, so you non Linux users might have a little more trouble) Plug your Ipod into a computer (Dock... Read More »

How to Reset the Lock Code for a Samsung SGH-A117 Phone?

You can change the lock code on your Samsung SGH-A117 through the menus, but it doesn't do you much good when you can't get into the phone. When the lock code is enabled, the phone does not allow y... Read More »

How do you change your ipods screen lock code?

You go to settings>general>passcode lock>(enter your passcode if there is one) and go to change passcode lock