How do you reset lg bp220 blu ray DVD player?

Answer You put in the code you entered when you locked it in the first place. We're assuming that you're the parent and that you put in the code and therefore know it. If that's not the case, then you don... Read More »

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How do you reset your MP4 player?

Please be so kind and help me to fix my mp4 player or tell me what to do to get it working agagin, Thank you. Emmanuel.On the screen it show like this (insert usb line and press up to usbdisk, pres... Read More »

How to Reset a Polaroid Player?

If your Polaroid MP3 player is frozen or acting up, you can use the reset pinhole to reboot the device. Polaroid MP3 players come in various memory sizes, and can accept micro SD memory cards. You ... Read More »

How Do I Reset a Mazda MX-5 CD Player?

Resetting the CD player in a Mazda MX-5 is done by cutting the power to the CD player and then restoring it. The loss of power will reset the unit completely. All settings, including time and radio... Read More »

How to Reset an Element MP3 Player?

If your Element MP3 player is frozen or behaving strangely, you can reset it using the built-in reset button. The reset button does not delete your songs, but does restore the settings to factory d... Read More »