How to Reset an iPod Nano?

Answer Like all electronic devices, sometimes the best way to fix something is just to reset it!

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How to Reset Your iPod Nano?

Does your iPod sometimes get REALLY slow? Don't know what to do? Just scroll down and learn how to reset your iPod nano.

How reset ipod nano 5?

It's simple. All you have to do is hold down MENU and the center button until the apple logo appears. After that, wait for the ipod to return to the main menu.

Can your you reset your iPod nano on your own?

Reseting Ipod Nano Yes you can. 1 toggle the hold switch on and then off. 2. Press and hold both the menu and center select button. You should then see the apple logo if you don't retry the abov... Read More »

How to Reset the Software for an iPod Nano?

If your iPod Nano is malfunctioning and you have not been able to fix the player, you may need to restore or reset the Nano's software. When you reset the Nano's software, all of the information th... Read More »