How to Reset a BlackBerry?

Answer The BlackBerry® is one of the top-selling smartphones. It allows you to do everything from talking to texting to taking pictures. The phone also features web-browsing capabilities that allow you t... Read More »

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How to Reset BlackBerry Defaults?

If you are having continuous problems with your BlackBerry phone, you can reset it to the factory defaults to try and correct the issue. Some slowing down and freezing can be resolved by just resta... Read More »

Blackberry "App Error 396 - Reset"?

Hello!Try to remove the battery and restart the phone.

What does a hard reset on a BlackBerry do?

If your BlackBerry is experiencing network, software or hardware issues, a hard reset is often needed to solve the problem. When you execute a hard reset, it will restore your BlackBerry to its ori... Read More »

How to Reset a Refurbished BlackBerry?

Buying a refurbished BlackBerry allows you to obtain a pre-owned phone in good condition for a low price. A refurbished phone may contain data from the previous user, personal data that shouldn't b... Read More »