How to Reset an 8 GB Zune?

Answer Microsoft's 8GB Zune has two reset options. The first option is the soft reset, also called a restart. This is an excellent option if your Zune is running slowly or if it's inoperable or frozen. Th... Read More »

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How to Reset Your Zune?

Microsoft seems to be a popular subject for jokes about crashing, freezing, and unstable software. It seems only inevitable that your new Zune will also lock up. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to ... Read More »

How to Reset Zune 2.3 Firmware?

Microsoft created the Zune portable media player to let you take your media collection with you while on-the-go. The 2.3 version of its firmware--the software installed on the Zune that manages its... Read More »

Where is the"Reset"button on my Zune 16?

Zune devices do not have a dedicated "Reset" button. In order to reset a Zune, you must press and hold the "back" and "up" buttons on the directional pad simultaneously.References:Zune Insider: Ho... Read More »

How does the microsoft zune work?

Microsoft's Zune is a high-end, portable media player. Low-capacity models of the Zune use internal flash based memory to store data, while high-capacity models incorporate hard drives.AudioThe Zun... Read More »