How do you reset a Android phone?

Answer With the current OS i don't think it is possible to edit photos in the photos app on your ipod touch or iphone. However there are apps on the app store which you can download that should you should... Read More »

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How to reset and android huawei phone?

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How to Reset Your Android Phone?

Android phones are devices manufactured and sold by third-party companies that utilize Google’s Android operating system. These phones vary somewhat in their approach, with minor user interface a... Read More »

How do you reset your cricket android phone?

You can use the link below this answer to download a lot of lock screens of all kinds. iPhone, moto, galaxy s, x10 etc...

How to Reset the Android Phone From Verizon?

You can reset the Motorola Droid three ways. If you need to reset the phone and clear the data, you can hard reset the device through the menus or using a keyboard shortcut. If you just need to res... Read More »