How do you reproduce a sage plant?

Answer You can divide the whole plant up by root division. Just dig it up and split into as many plants as you want. You can also collect the seed and sow in spring or summer.

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How does a mint plant reproduce?

Answer It reporduces by growing runners. This plant can be invasive and spread rapidily if the conditions are right. Lots sun and lots water.

How do I plant Mexican sage?

PreparationPlant Mexican sage (Salvia leucantha) in early spring or early fall. Select a spot in full sunlight where the soil drains thoroughly. Dig a hole only as deep as the plant's root ball and... Read More »

How do I plant botany sage?

Start Them InsideFill an egg carton with potting soil after poking small drainage holes in the bottom of each section with a pair of scissors. Insert the sage seeds into the soil so they are just c... Read More »

Will a hybrid tomato plant reproduce?

Hybrid tomatoes will reproduce and set viable seed, but that seed will not be "true." A hybrid seed will not produce exact replicas of the tomatoes that bore it. Instead, the seed will produce a pl... Read More »