How do you report telemarketing calls to your do-not-call cell phone?

Answer It is after 30 days of being added to registry that you can start making a complaint. These calls include automated message calls to your phone. To report the incident go to this government web add... Read More »

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Cell Phone Telemarketing Laws?

Few phone users enjoy receiving a call from a telemarketer while they're enjoying dinner. So, receiving a telemarketing call on a cell phone while you're stuck in traffic certainly isn't welcomed. ... Read More »

How can I intercept my husbands cell phone calls and text messages from his cell phone?

Go first to a relationship counselor, because your issue is not whether or not he's talking to someone else, it's that you don't trust him. Your relationship is in trouble whether or not he's cheat... Read More »

If you find a cell phone..and the owner calls the cell...would you return it..or keep it.?

Common courtesy dictates that you would have to return it. I agree with this, because I know if I lost a phone I would want someone to return it to me.

How to Buy a Prepaid Phone Card to Save International Cell Phone Calls?

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