How do you report someone on wikia?

Answer Place a message on the founder's talkpage. For extra effect sign it with "Lil cutie bunny".

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Way to download Marvel Wikia and Dc Wikia?

You can use a website crawler to download the entire site as the spider is crawling the website. I'm fairly sure you're violating the spirit of a wikia by trying to make the content available offli... Read More »

How do I report someone on Craiqslist in the UK?

I'm not sure how UK laws work but I'm sure they are mostly the same and that being said this is a civil case and not criminal because there was no fraud he didn't access your bank account you can a... Read More »

How can I report someone on facebook?

Go to the Profile than Click on the Circle Than Click on Report/Block and From there you Should Be Able to Report the Profile

How to Report Someone on Facebook?

If someone on Facebook is annoying you or being abusive, you can report him to Facebook Moderators. To do so, follow the instructions below.