How do you report a Troll?

Answer I have never personally reported K because I don't like to censor people I don't agree with (and I have seen lots of people claim freedom of speech but then try to censor someone they disagreed wit... Read More »

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If you were going to be a troll, what section would you troll?

The adolescent section, and not in a perv way, just because so many of them come to the parenting section.Sadly, if i tried to troll, I think I'd be spotted a gazillion miles away by those who know... Read More »

What is an ILF is it a troll?

I'm an ILF. A PPSILF, to be exact:…

What is a TROLL?

Trolls are the most incredible thing about Yahoo Answers. Trolls are why I gave up what little social life I had. I even survived the attack of a $****y. And it made me a stronger person. I tried m... Read More »

Do You Like These Names +Troll BQ?

Hallie and Hayden are too close for a sib set. Hallie Noelle is cute, but I'm not sure it would age well. Hayden Kyle again cute but I can't imagine an adult named Hayden.Hey yall! I'm Ariana Marie... Read More »