How do you reply to a talk message on Wikipedia?

Answer Edit the section of your talk page which contains the message. Reply there if you wish. Copy the message and any reply; go to the other user's talk page and at the bottom of the page paste the mess... Read More »

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What to message someone who didnt reply to your last message?

I'd rather ignore it if i were you...she herself will msg you if he's interested ad if you think she didn't notice.. still don't send a msg to her,she will msg herself when she notices..

My crush didnt reply to my message?

after reading your other 234987239482734 yahoo answers questions about your crush, i would guess that she sees you as needy (psst... girls dont like that), and isnt as interested in you as you are ... Read More »

Girl didnt reply to facebook message?

So? Ever occur to you that she is not the slightest bit interested in you or anything you have got to say?There is no help to give you. Learn to live with rejectionlike every one else has to do fro... Read More »

Guy has seen my message, as it says on social networking site, yet no reply?

That doesnt mean he has more chics .but u may think he recieved the message which is right but may be the message was not read ,or he may not be interested in u although he said what he said .U nev... Read More »