How do you replant a lucky bamboo?

Answer You can plant it in loose sand or soil that drains water really well (so no more rotting)

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Can you cut&replant lucky bamboo?

When a lucky bamboo plant gets too tall, you can cut the shoots just 1 inch above one of the nodes. From that point, it will slowly grow again. Bamboo can be replanted, even those stalks you just c... Read More »

Why is bamboo lucky?

Lucky Bamboo is not bamboo at all, it's a member of the lily family that grows in the tropical Rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa, it needs little care which makes it a perfect house or offic... Read More »

Can I cut my lucky bamboo plants?

A lucky bamboo plant may be cut back to promote growth. Always be sure to cut back the new growth about 2 inches from the main stalk and only cut under cold water.Source:Lucky Bamboo Shop: FAQ

Lucky Bamboo Diseases?

Lucky bamboo is a popular plant, largely because it can be grown in water, making it a popular office plant. Bamboo does not have many diseases, but take care to avoid those that can threaten the h... Read More »