How do you replace the front door on a house?

Answer Answer It depends on how much is being replaced. You might get away with just unscrewing the hinges off of the old door and screwing on a new one, or more likely, removing the trim from around the... Read More »

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How to Design a House's Front Door?

The front door of a home can add important visual appeal. In fact, a nice entrance can increase your home's overall market value, since curbside appeal is a large consideration for buyers. By plann... Read More »

How to Keep a Front House Door From Freezing Shut?

The inability to open a front door during the winter months can result from cold temperatures freezing the door shut. It can take several minutes to slowly pry the door open, and dealing with a fro... Read More »

My fiancee was busted by the Feds at my house and they kicked in my front door! My wife is going to be angry!?

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How do I replace a front door lock?

Remove the Old LockRemove all visible screws around the lock housing. Check underneath the nose of the door knob as well as on the door jamb side. Remove the outer holding piece (sometimes called a... Read More »