How do you replace the core of a lock?

Answer One needs to call a locksmith, to remove a lock core requires a core key. Actually, a locksmith would only be required if the control key for the core is missing... Interchangeable and removable c... Read More »

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How to Replace the Pins in a Lock Core?

If you lose your keys or they end up stolen, you don't necessarily have to replace your locks. Instead, you can rekey your locks to render the old keys obsolete and keep your home safe from break-i... Read More »

Instructions on How to Pin Falcon IC Core Lock Cylinders?

Some Falcon locks come with an interchangeable core. This core, once removed from the lock, can have the pins removed and changed out. What's even more useful, for those locksmiths that don't want ... Read More »

If core duo means Dual core then what is the 2 mean in the core 2 duo?

horribly confusing nomenclature those from inteland if you have not been following developments ... yes, it's horribly confusing indeedto start with, they are all dual core processorsmeaning 2 core... Read More »

How to Replace an S10 Heater Core?

The heater core on a Chevrolet S10 pickup is a small radiator located underneath the dash on the passenger side of the cab. Heated coolant travels from the engine to the heater core through heater ... Read More »