How do you replace dc17 belt for dyson vacuum?

Answer Before you do anything make sure that the machine is unplugged.1. Loosen 3 screws from bottom plate using flat-head screwdriver and remove it.2. Wiggle roller until it pulls straight out.3. Squeeze... Read More »

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How to Clean Out a Dyson DC17?

The Dyson DC17 is an upright vacuum cleaner that, unlike the more popular models by the company, doesn't have the patented ball in the middle (instead it is wheel based). However, the Dyson DC17 do... Read More »

How much is a replacement belt for a Dyson DC-01 vacuum cleaner?

Generally deli products can last for a few months if they're not open from their original package. Once opened, the items can easily spoil in a matter of a week or less. I would say you have approx... Read More »

How do I clean a Dyson DC17 brush?

Make sure the brush tool is removed from the Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner. If it is connected to the hose, pull the unit firmly from the base. Pull away any large debris caught in the bristles and thr... Read More »

How to Remove the Base Plate From a Dyson DC17?

The Dyson DC17 Absolute line of Dyson upright vacuums includes the DC17 Animal, DC17 Asthma and Allergy and the Dyson DC17 Total Clean. Typically, a you remove the base plate from the vacuum to cle... Read More »