How do you repel ants with red pepper?

Answer Many insects, including ants, can be repelled from gardens by sprinkling hot chile powders around and on the plants (e.g., red pepper, cayenne powder...any dried powdered chile... but NOT chili pow... Read More »

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How do you repel ants?

For natural repellents: Some of the natural repellents include: hot chile powder (see related question below for details), mint (fresh or dried), cinnamon, and dill. If you grow your own mint and ... Read More »

Do mint leaves repel ants?

Mint leaves are a natural ant repellent that doesn't leave behind harsh chemical smells. Bags of mint leaves or mint tea can be left outside of a home to keep ants from coming in.References:Earth E... Read More »

Do mint leaves attract or repel ants?

Use mint leaves as a nontoxic home remedy to repel ants from your home. Plant mint near the entrances to your home. Dry the leaves and sprinkle them in the affected areas. You can also use mint tea... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Pepper Spray to Repel Deer?

Animals, yes they are cute, but they can be extremely destructive to gardens, shrubbery, etc. so here is an easy and effective way to manage the problem.