How do you repair a Cuisinart electric knife?

Answer Our CEK-40 abruptly stopped working. I removed the two screws from the underside (one by the cord and one by the switch) and found that the black plastic cover piece wouldn't come off because it wa... Read More »

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What knife is for meat on the Cuisinart electric knife?

The Cuisinart Electric Knife comes with two knife blades: one for carving and one for slicing bread. Select the carving blade when cutting meat. This blade slices meats, vegetables, fruits and hard... Read More »

Who invented the electric knife?

An American inventor named Jerome L. Murray is credited with the invention of the electric knife. Murray died on January 7, 1998. He held 75 patents in his lifetime, one of which was for the electr... Read More »

Who invented the first electric knife?

The electric carving knife was invented by the prolific American inventor Jerome L. Murray. According to his obituary in "The New York Times," Murray was also the inventor of "the television antenn... Read More »

How to Use an Electric Knife to Cut Foam?

Commercial foam shops rely on cutting tools called foam saws. Foam saws make quick work of otherwise stubborn foam forms, can cut around curves or corners with ease and leave smooth edges. Most hob... Read More »