How do you rename your iPhone Bluetooth file?

Answer When you go in iTunes (on you'r PC or mac) try renaming the Iphone device that you have connected ;)

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Can you connect your iPhone Bluetooth to your gm truck Bluetooth?

Absolutely, so long as your truck has bluetooth! Just activate bluetooth on iphone, and tell truck to "pair" and itll tell u what to do

How Can I Rename a BlackBerry for Bluetooth?

Most BlackBerry smartphones support Bluetooth wireless, which allows you to connect a BlackBerry to other Bluetooth-enabled phones, as well as a wide variety of wireless accessories. Each Bluetooth... Read More »

Why your Bluetooth losses connection with the iPhone 4 if you have the iPhone 4 in your pocket?

Hold your finger on the icon of the application you want to delete for a few seconds. All the icons will start to wiggle and you will see a small 'X' over the icon. Touch the 'X' of the application... Read More »

How do you turn on the bluetooth on your iPhone 3gs?