How do I best remove ticks from the skin all in one?

Answer apply finger nail polish remover on a Cotton ball and place it over the tick, the tick will let go and try to get away.

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How do i remove ticks with out pulling or heat?

Here's an email I received about this just today; hope it's helpful. Please forward to anyone with children... or hunters or dogs, or anyone who even steps outside in summer. A School Nurse has w... Read More »

How to Remove Dead Seed Ticks and Lice with Comb?

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Difference Between Black Ticks & Red Ticks?

Ticks are a common nuisance, but at times they do more than just suck blood and leave unsightly marks. They can spread disease by the act of biting. Some may wonder about the difference between bla... Read More »

How can you get rid of ticks?

To get rid of a smaller tick you can wedge it out ( before it burrows in) CAREFULLY but if you don't feel you will do it carefully you can get a knife, or other metal cutlery boiling hot. Boil it v... Read More »