How do you remove the smell of onions from your hands?

Answer rub lemon on them

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How to Remove Citrus Smell from Your Hands?

After eating an orange or a lemon, you may be left with a citrus smell on your hands. There are many simple solutions to this problem.

How to Remove the Smell of Bleach from Your Hands?

Bleach is a useful product but it can leave an awful odor on your hands if you get it on the skin.

How to Remove the Strong Sharp Taste or Smell from Onions?

Onions are frequently used in salads or dishes that involves using the onions fresh and uncooked. The sharp smell or taste of uncooked onions, often leaves one feeling uncomfortable. Most children ... Read More »

How to Remove Citrus Smell From Hands?

Enjoy a nice orange as a snack at work, but know that afterwards you must remove the smell from your hands. The citrus smell may offend people you shake hands with at work, so you must learn how to... Read More »