How do you remove the antivirus scan?

Answer You're infected WITH a virus. It's the virus making the pop-ups.Use this: and run the free version.

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If i wanted to scan my computer for viruses, would i check my c drive or jsut make the antivirus scan?

Is it possible to scan my pc by the antivirus which is use in my smartphone?

I dont recommend that u use the same antivirus for ur computer as u use for ur phone. even if ur phone was windows based, and ur computer was windows as well, it still wouldn't prevent u from malwa... Read More »

Can you scan with antivirus& Ad-Aware at the same time?

You can scan your computer with anti-virus software and an anti-spyware program, such as Ad-Aware, at the same time. You should not, however, use multiple anti-virus or anti-spyware programs at the... Read More »

I just ran a scan on avast antivirus and something can't be scanned.?

Many programs (usually security based ones) password protect their files for legitimate reasons (and avast doesn't know the password or have any way of using it even if it did know it).By examining... Read More »