How do you remove that white suff from your tongue?

Answer its congealed salivary amylase or saliva. its what happens when youre sleeping. i use a plastic spoon to scrape it all off since it can cause bad breath

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How to remove the white thing on my tongue ?

I kind of had a white tongue, too. I brushed it in a circular motion with toothpaste and swished with mouthwash twice a day religiously and it definitely toned down after a week

Please Help My Tongue Is White?

I wouldn't worry lots of times in the morning your tongue will be white because you didn't eat or drink anything all night, as soon as you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth or even just eat some... Read More »

How to Get Rid of White Tongue?

White TongueA white tongue is something that nobody wants to have. Not only does a coated tongue look abnormal, but if it is left untreated, it's a strong indication of bad breath. People who have ... Read More »

What causes someone's tongue to be white?

He's got rabies, Penny...spray his tongue down with Lysol, and call in SWAT if necessary.