How do you remove that white suff from your tongue?

Answer its congealed salivary amylase or saliva. its what happens when youre sleeping. i use a plastic spoon to scrape it all off since it can cause bad breath

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What would cause a white thickened line that hurts in the middle of your tongue?

Answer You can go to a vitamin store and buy "Candex" it will get rid of thrush mouth, also called candida. Your body naturally has Candida or yeast as it's often referd to, but some times it beco... Read More »

How do I Remove Black Stains From White That Bleach Won't Remove?

Chlorine bleach is often the top choice for removing stains on white fabric since the bleach won't discolor the stained garment. Many people think that bleach will remove all stains, but that isn't... Read More »

How to remove the white thing on my tongue ?

I kind of had a white tongue, too. I brushed it in a circular motion with toothpaste and swished with mouthwash twice a day religiously and it definitely toned down after a week

What causes a white little bump on tongue that is painfully if you touch it.?

Answer It is just an infected taste bud. I would suggest the best thing to do is to not mess with it. I've heard of people trying to bite them off with their teeth, but i am not sure how that goes.... Read More »