How do you remove sticky stuff from a refrigerator door?

Answer Get one of those metal scraper things and with hot soapy water get the door wet then use the scraper.

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Does anyone know how to remove the sticky stuff left behind from stickers & labels?

any kind of body lotion. My daughter went for days with Avery labels on her. Nothing could get it off. A friend at a store took her to the cosmetics counter and used some lotion. I felt stupid ... Read More »

How do I remove the sticky stuff left after labels have been removed from jars?

WD40 or nail varnish remover does the trick.

How to Remove the Sticky Stuff Left on the Walls After Removing Wallpaper?

Removing old wallpaper and replacing it with new wallpaper or, perhaps, a fresh coat of paint, can change the character of a room. Homeowners who have done it, though, know that removing wallpaper... Read More »

How do you remove the sticky stuff from duct tape backing from stained wood?

Answer You would want to use something that dissolves the glue remnants without removing the stain. Try soaking the area with tung oil, Olde English oil or similar product. Let sit a few minutes an... Read More »