How do you remove severe period pain without medication?

Answer I have advice for you that REALLY helped my pain. I have had bad starting pains for years. the first and second day of my period still leave me unable to work, but not unable to walk or eat or slee... Read More »

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How to Help Dull Pain (Without Medication)?

Are you a person who is accident prone and sometimes medications are unavailable, or you are prefer holistic remedies?

What Are the Causes of Severe Sinus Pain Without Congestion?

Humans have four sets of sinuses: a pair above the eyes (frontal), under the eyes (maxillary), between the nose and eyes (ethmoid), and posterior to the nose and eyes in the middle of the skull (sp... Read More »

Are there ways to delay your period without drugs/medication?

The only way i know and has happend by mistake to me a few times, is when i don't eat properly, if you eat very little you period shouldn't come, because your body isn't working properly, i wouldn'... Read More »

Are severe lower belly cramps and lower back pain and vaginal discharge signs of pregnancy if you haven't missed your period?

Answerthis can be also pms symptoms but wait until a missed period to see if you're pregnant or not--keep in mind pms symptoms and pregnancy sypmtoms are alike--i remember when i got pregnant--i di... Read More »