How do you remove seeds from canned tomatoes?

Answer You try to pluck the seeds out.

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Hazards of Out-of-Date Canned Tomatoes?

Canned tomatoes may be good after the date stamped on the can. Food does not spoil immediately after the stamped date and, if stored properly, still may be edible for months longer. Hazards of eati... Read More »

Can ripe tomato relish be made with canned tomatoes?

Ripe tomato is the main ingredient for making ripe tomato relish. Since canned tomatoes can contain additional ingredients like salt, it is best to use unseasoned tomatoes to make relish. For maxim... Read More »

How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds?

Do you want to stop buying seeds, and just cut open a tomato and plant? Here's how.This process is for fruits and vegetables that contain their seeds in pulp, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloup... Read More »

How do tomatoes spread their seeds?

Each seed inside a tomato has the potential to produce a new tomato plant. Tomatoes spread their seeds naturally in a variety of ways with help from wind, water and animals.Animal ConsumptionWhen a... Read More »