How do you remove pernament marker off of metal?

Answer Rubbing alcohol works well for removing permanent marker from surfaces and cloth

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Pernament tooth extraction?

You do have to take care of the 'gaps' when you have your teeth pulled. You basically want a clot to form - it just looks like a blob of blood in the hole. And when that forms you need it to stay i... Read More »

How do I remove a paint marker?

Paint Marker on Fabric or CarsDip a hand wipe into rubbing alcohol, and remove paint marker from clothing with rubbing alcohol. Scrub the fabric vigorously to loosen the paint. Try acetone or nail ... Read More »

How to Remove Marker Out of a Sweatshirt?

When you need to replace your out-worn clothes, you may have to spend quite a bit of money. Stains also shorten the life of your clothing. But avoid having to replace these items by removing the st... Read More »

How do I remove permanent marker from a car?

Removing the Marker StainsUsing whole milk, soak a white cotton cloth. Take a heavier cloth, and soak it with water. Place the milk-soaked cloth over the permanent marker spot on your car, and lay ... Read More »