How do you remove ink stains & smudges from scanner glass?

Answer There is nothing wrong with using Windex on a scanner as long as it is "glass" and not some form of plastic. Plain old soap and water works too.Just take care, and spray the cleaner on the rag, not... Read More »

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How to Remove Water Stains From Glass?

When removing water stains from glass, it is important to find a solution that effectively removes all of the stains, while also cleaning without leaving any residue behind from the cleaning produc... Read More »

How do I remove stains from a Ceran glass top?

Clean off the CooktopUse a scraper or special sponge designed for glass-ceramic cooktops to remove any loose dirt and food then wait for the cooktop to cool.Apply CleanerRub the stain with a cloth ... Read More »

How do I remove stains from a glass decanter?

ScrubFill a washtub with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Place the glass decanter in the dish water. Scrub the outside vigorously with a nylon scouring pad. Scrub the inside with a ... Read More »

How do I remove rust stains from glass?

Baking Soda TechniquePour baking soda onto a non-abrasive damp cloth or sponge. Scrub the rust stains on the glass in a circular motion. Rinse the glass with water. Allow the glass to dry.Copper Me... Read More »