How do you remove hardened food from a pie dish?

Answer put it in the dishwasher

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How do I remove hardened caulk from around tub?

Caulk RemoverClean the hardened caulk with soap and water, and dry with a clean cloth, giving the caulk remover a clean base to work from. Spread the caulk remover over the caulk on the bathtub. Al... Read More »

How to Remove Grout From Tile After Hardened?

Grout is the material that is placed between tiles to seal the gaps. Grout is composed of water, sand and cement, and it hardens quickly into a cement-like substance that is difficult to remove. Re... Read More »

How to Remove Broken or Hardened Bolts?

Any project that involves removing bolts to replace parts on a car, lawn mower or any other home appliance becomes more difficult with stubborn or broken bolts. Frustration hinders even the most ex... Read More »

How to Remove Hardened Plaque Between Teeth?

The average adult mouth is normally teeming with bacteria. When this bacteria combines with mucus and food particles, plaque often begins to form on your teeth and along the gumline. Daily brushing... Read More »