How can you remove ink from clothes?

Answer brake cleaner, seriously...I used to work at a print ink on everything, even my cloth seats in my car...saturate the area with brake cleaner and then dab it dad taught me that.

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How to Remove Gum from Clothes?

Gum stuck to pantsYuck, you've got gum all over your clothes! You've picked off as much as you can but that dreaded gum is still there. Instead of yelling and throwing a fit, why not try some metho... Read More »

How to Remove Ink from Clothes?

Removing ink stains caused by biros, fountain pens and artist's ink from clothing is not an easy task but it is doable. There are a few ways to remove the stains, and a few products that can help y... Read More »

How to Remove Hot Wax From Clothes?

Spilling hot wax on your clothes does not mean they are ruined forever. You can remove candle wax from many types of fabric with common household items. Hot candle wax typically hardens fast, which... Read More »

How do I remove pvc glue from clothes?

Use AcetoneLay the clothing over a sink with the PVC glue stain facing up. Pour a small amount of acetone onto the glue. You may also use nail polish containing acetone. Test a hidden area of the f... Read More »