How do you remove extensive root systems?

Answer use a systemic herbicide like roundup

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Magnolia Tree Root Systems?

The magnolia is a beautiful spring tree known for its fragrant, lush pink or white flowers. The tree is native to southeastern Asia and the eastern United States. The magnolia is fairly easy to gro... Read More »

Question about seedlings and thinning and root systems?

No, each root is only connected to a stem and leaves and has no connection or effect on other plants. If you want to "reinforce" roots mycorhizae is the way to go. It is a fungus that helps plant... Read More »

Are magnolia tree root systems invasive to home foundations?

On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute, the magnolia tree has a low root damage potential, meaning their root systems are not invasive and don't do much pro... Read More »

How do I remove bag in Beam central vac systems?

Removing the BagFind the Beam central vacuum system's base unit. The units are big, round containers that you can hang on walls. Take off the bag, and remove it from the Beam central vac system. Th... Read More »