How do you remove drain air gap?

Answer You don't

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How to Remove the Drain Plug and Drain the Oil?

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and want to learn more about your vehicle, changing your own oil is a place to start. To perform a complete oil change, you must first remove the drain pl... Read More »

Shower drain that drains fine but there is always water in the drain and after a day the water smells you have snaked the drain and used various draino type products with no change?

Answer As you found out Chemicals are useless and in many cases snaking is not going to work to get rid of smells. The water you do see is possibly the water in the trap that keeps dangerous sewer... Read More »

How to Remove a Snake From a Drain?

Clogs in your sink make it a hassle to brush your teeth, wash your hands, shave and wash up. Drain cleaner may be used to break up clogs, but it's not always enough. Tough clogs require the use of ... Read More »

How to Remove the Drain Pan From a Fridge?

An awful scent coming from under your fridge could be a sign that it's time to clean the drain pan. Condensation from inside the fridge and freezer drips down inside the appliance through a drain i... Read More »