How do you relocate a dislocated shoulder blade?

Answer A shoulder dislocation occurs more frequently than the dislocation of any other joint in the body, according to the National Institutes of Health. The shoulder is prone to injury because it is the ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Dislocated Shoulder?

A joint dislocation can be one of the most painful injuries if not reset in a timely manner. Shoulder dislocations will stretch the shoulder, upper arm, and torso muscles, causing intense pain. Due... Read More »

Can you relocate your own shoulder?

It's not recommend. If you try it's possible for you to do more damage, so I suggest not trying it.

Dislocated my shoulder. Now what?

Sorry to hear that, when you dislocate your shoulder its kind of like dislocating your knee cap (not exactly tho) when you dislocate your knee cap you can damage cartilage (articular cartilage on t... Read More »

Is it okay for a 22 year old guy to cry if he dislocated his shoulder?

well, actually it is normal for ANYONE to cry when they dislocate their limbs. When your joint gets ripped apart it is more painful than breaking the bone as you probably know. I am a nurse at a h... Read More »