How do you refinishing old hollow core interior doors?

Answer Answer It depends if you are wanting to stain or merely paint a door. If you want to stain it, you need to strip it to bare wood with chemicals. If painting you need to sand the entire surface on... Read More »

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Refinishing Interior Home Doors With Formica?

Completely replacing the doors in your home is a big job. If you are looking to add a little color and creativity to your doors, consider resurfacing the doors with Formica. Formica, or laminate, i... Read More »

The Best Screws for Hanging Hooks in Hollow-Core Doors?

Hollow-core doors are standard in many home interiors. While they function properly, the hollow construction makes it difficult to hang hooks and items from the doors. To create a hook rack on the ... Read More »

What is the standard gauge for hollow metal doors& frames?

The standard gauge for hollow metal door face sheet thickness varies by the intent of the door. General use doors are typically 18- or 20-gauge steel, with frame thickness of 16-gauge or heavier. H... Read More »

How do you attach to hollow core door?

to attach to a hollow core door you need what is known as a dry wall or gyp-rock anchor. all depending on what country you live in. these are made to screw into surfaces up to about 15 millimeters ... Read More »