How do you recover after a chiropractor hurts you?

Answer Go to another chiropractor and ask for a medical advice. It is important to find a physician that you trust and you can confide in. Don’t get tired of looking for the right doctor for you. It is ... Read More »

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My ankle still hurts after 2/3 years after sprain.?

You can get rid of this pain in your ankle by physiotherapeutic exercises. You need to get it X-rayed to assess how injured it is, and if surgery is a possible option of treatment.

Why do I have a headache after having my knee adjusted at the chiropractor?

Your headache could be caused by any number of things, including the chiropractic treatment, although you will probably never get a chiropractor to admit it.A chiropractor cannot fix your condition... Read More »

My cervix hurts after sex?

He entered to far and hit your cervix too hard too many times. Tell him to not go so deep. If he is hitting your cervix it is going to hurt. He needs to be more gentle

Why our throat hurts after vomiting How can I get rid of it?

First, thank your stars that you vomited the rotten fruit. The bits of food along with digestive acids from stomach are expelled with a high speed and will cause rupture in throat.It will cause sli... Read More »